Sunday, July 15, 2012

Opening the floor

It occurs to me that over the past few months, I have been two things that a good blogger should not be: lazy and self-absorbed.  My ideas are so slow to come and then I end up just blathering on about my own issues like this is some Diary of a Mad Asian Woman.  This is not what I want my blog to be.  Personal experience roots me to all of this, but I want to move beyond me into something more. 
So, in a move that may or may not be wise, I want to open the floor to anyone reading this for thoughts.  What questions do you have?  What topics are you interested in?  What would be helpful for you to read about on here?  I will be checking the comments of this post for responses, but emailing me would also work just as well!
I’m so thankful for the connections that I have made through this blog, particularly with other adoptees.  I started writing here two years ago in an attempt to feel less isolated myself and I have found so much community since that time.  It’s amazing what can happen to your life when you take a chance and open a new door.
And I want to keep this door open.  To keep learning, sharing and helping.  I don’t want this blog to go to waste because the adoption community means the world to me.  In the meantime, I will continue to gather thoughts for this blog, but please, please don’t be afraid to make a comment.  I promise you that I am listening. 

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  1. Hi! I'm not sure if you are actually still blogging, I just found your page for the first time. My husband and I are in the process of adopting for the first time (in Japan... unusual to say the least) and I'm reading a lot of blogs written by adoptive parents but there are not many out there by adults who were adopted. I'm going to go back through your old posts, but do hope you keep blogging, even if it is in a lazy and self-absorbed way ;)