Monday, July 30, 2012

Geographies of Kinship

I think one really awesome thing about the Korean adoption community is that we are a global community.  Though most Korean adoptees have come to the US, representation can be found in Australia, France, Norway, Japan and many more countries.  Collectively we are fluent in numerous languages and cultures.  To me, there is a sense of both beauty and power in that.  It makes me excited for what our community is doing now and for the potential we have to do great things in the future.

Deann Borshay Liem, a filmmaker and Korean adoptee, is truly honoring our global community through her upcoming documentary, Geographies of Kinship.  I am so very excited for this film as it follows the lives of five Korean adoptees around the world.  Watching just the preview for it already got me misty eyed over the weekend.  The film has been seeking financial support over the past month and its online fundraiser is about to end.  Although the funding goal has already been met, please at least take a look at the preview and consider offering your support!  I think this will be storytelling at its best and a beautiful tribute to the Korean adoption community.

Link here: Geographies of Kinship

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