Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 2



So, it's been a while and I am hard-pressed as to how I even start this entry. I initially decided to take a hiatus so I could focus on finishing my degree. And then I realized how much fun I was having spending time with friends and living life away from the computer (when school allowed it), so I decided to extend the hiatus a bit. And then, a few weeks ago, when I was finally feeling the itch to sit down and write something again, I found out some chunks of my birth history that left my world tipped sideways. I'm still processing it all. It's amazing how a handful of words on a page can unlock so many emotions. I think I walked through life in a complete daze for days on end. The only thing that really shook me out of it was graduation a few days ago. Graduation? Graduation! A lot can happen in a say the least.

So. Here I finally sit. I feel like I've burned through every feeling in the dictionary over the past few weeks. I've said goodbye to so many dear people and to this phase of my life. I'm tired, but I'm still here and it's time for a new beginning. A new chapter, not only in my personal life, but maybe for this blog, too. I started writing here about one year ago and, looking back, I'm amazed at how much has changed for me since then. Last year I was standing in a different place understanding things in a different way. I know I've grown and I know that the struggle has started in earnest. There have been a number of times recently that I've just wanted to run away from it all, but something brings me back. The bottom line is that I want to keep writing. I want to keep learning from my experiences and from all of you whose words have taught me so much even if you didn't realize it. If you're still with me, welcome to chapter 2.


  1. So good to hear your "voice" again. I've missed tagging along on your journey. Can't wait for Chapter 2!

  2. Thanks Pix! I see a lot has happened in your life recently, too. Hoping all is well with your Little Man!