Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just trucking along

Ack. Apologies for the lack of updates! I've been working a summer retail job which is surprisingly exhausting. Let's just say I'm not getting any younger and this job is surely proving that. Is it sad that I'm saying that at 23? Yup.

So, my absence is part work-related, but in truth I needed a little break. This exploration of adoption can get consuming and, at times, emotionally draining for me. Don't get me wrong--it is incredibly meaningful and I'd rather explore and challenge myself than take it all for granted. I think a lot of my feelings are reflected in this post by Yoon Seon, another adoptee blogger. This adoptee identity is not some layer to be easily skimmed away. Nothing will change this part of who I am, but what about the rest of me? I'm still just a human with plenty of interests and people in my life. Sometimes figuring out how to reclaim my Korean culture feels like another task added to my list and it saddens me that I even need to reclaim it in the first place. It's my choice to reclaim it, of course. And I want to, but the lack of local resources is disheartening. Even the closest Korean restaurant to me is an hour away. I guess you could say I'm feeling ultimately discouraged right now. My environment limits me. But I will keep going! If I want something badly enough, I will keep going and figure it out. There's no other choice.

More updates later--I really do have a number of thoughts floating around in my head! Just need to get them written down. Oh! I also recently attended an online seminar about starting adoptee support groups which I'll have to spill on later.


  1. Are there any meetups for Asian adoptees in the area? Are you specifically interested in Korean culture or do you think you could gain insight from the experiences of other Asian Americans? Have you ever considered starting a meetup?

    Speaking of Asian Americans, what are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding the film version of "The Last Airbender"? I've read some really interesting essays about yellowface theater recently.

  2. Is is exhausting, isn't it? I've tired of it, recently (again), and have been focusing on things that aren't so Korean/adopted-related. But as you know, I know exactly how you feel. There's no other way to describe it, really, aside from... exhausting.

  3. Grey, I've definitely been on the lookout for adoptee opportunities in the area, but not finding anything so far. I am most interested in learning about Korean culture specifically, but any Asian American insight is valuable..especially as I'm still trying to articulate what being Asian American means to me. I'd consider starting a meetup, but finding people to network it with in the first place will be challenging and I'm only in this area for the summer, so getting a group together seems like a moot point for now anyway. I will definitely consider it when I feel I'm going to be in one place for a while and can commit.
    Regarding The Last Airbender, I am absolutely annoyed with the casting choices and so tired of this happening in cinema. The Good Earth, Breakfast at Tiffany's, the latest Dragonball Z movie..the list goes on! It's insulting. Unfortunately, not as many Asian actors are known in the US and, therefore, not as bankable. At least that's my take. Maybe if they were more often recognized as leads instead of supporting characters, casting mistakes such as this would change.
    *whew* Sorry for the mini essay!

    Yoon Seon, it IS exhausting. Because life in itself isn't multifacted and crazy enough. Some days this identity is a gift, but other days it admittedly feels like a burden.