Friday, July 16, 2010

Hairy situation

I’m not a fan of the colorblind perspective when it comes to race, but one place where it really, really just doesn’t apply is in the field of cosmetics. At least when it comes to some things. The current thorn in my side? Hair care. For most of my life, I had assumed that my hair was essentially the same as my mom’s; just a different color. Turns out that I’m wrong. Asian hair and Caucasian hair are not identical and there’s scientific support to back that one up! Who knew? Asian hair tends to be thicker (google EDAR gene), coarser (thanks to more abundant and densely packed cuticles) and straighter (my hair cannot hold a curl to save its life). So, that’s fun. I’ve historically kept my mane simple just because it is such a nightmare to style, but it’s getting to an unruly point. I haven’t had it cut in..let’s just say a long time. My usual stylist went on vacation for a few weeks and is now on hiatus for an unknown period of time due to family reasons. Which brings me here to ruminate the fate of my breaking, dull locks.

What’s a girl to do? This whole Asian hair thing is putting me in a pickle. Part of me would really like to seek out a stylist who has experience with Asian hair. I’m not entirely sure that it is necessary, but I’d like to at least give it a go and see if I like the results. In all my life, I’ve been to two hairdressers and been their only Asian client. No lie. My current stylist even indicated hesitation in taking me on because she had never worked with Asian hair before. I thought this was silliness, but now I wonder if she had a point. Her last style on me was not 100% what I wanted and seemed..somehow a little matronly? Let’s be honest here. ‘Matronly’ is not really the kind of descriptor I want associated with myself at 23. At any rate, I need my hair cut yesterday. I started the search for an Asian stylist within a reasonable radius of my home and no luck. Well, one place almost an hour away called Oriental Nail and Hair Salon. The name alone makes me cringe (I personally dislike the term ‘oriental’). Looks like I am staying around here and booking a consultation with a local salon. Someone has to know how to tame my Asian hair! If not, I’m seriously not beyond asking the next young Asian woman I see where she gets her hair done.

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  1. I am enjoying your blog. I am the mother of 2 Korean kids, age 10 & 12. We just returned from our second trip to Korea (my son has reunited with some b-fam). Anyway.. on Asian hair. My daughter has hair much like you describe for yourself. My son has the boy version - coarser and hard to style. We had the kids hair cut in Busan and it made a HUGE difference having Koreans cut their hair. My son has the BEST haircut he has ever had and my daughter's lays better. We have found a Korean salon near us and are trying that for their next haircuts.